4th Infantry Division Museum

The 4th Infantry Division is a historic division of the US Army. Its lineage stretches back to 1867, when it was created as the U.S. Army’s first four-brigade division. During its time of service, it has fought in every major conflict in which the United States has been involved since World War I, including World War II, Korea and Vietnam. Today, the 4th Infantry Division’s legacy endures as an important part of Colorado history. In fact, this important military unit has remained at Carson Barracks since its official opening in 1915. The soldiers stationed here have participated in numerous military activities each year that include training exercises with other units from around the world as well as deployments overseas on peacekeeping missions and humanitarian operations. It is home to more than 16,000 active duty troops who train hard for their upcoming missions and maintain a high readiness standard to respond quickly to any conflicts that may arise at any time. If you want to know more about this historic Colorado institution and its interesting past, keep reading! You can visit this amazing destination at 6013 Nelson Blvd, Fort Carson, CO 80913.

What is the 4th Infantry Division?

The 4th Infantry Division is an infantry division of the United States Army. The division has been based in Fort Carson, Colorado since its opening in 1915. It is one of two active duty divisions in the US Army to be an Infantry-based division, the other being the 82nd Airborne Division, which is an airborne division. Previously, the division was active as the 4th Division, part of the Army between 1917 and 1918. It was activated on 15 October 1917 as an infantry unit but was redesignated as the 4th Infantry Division on 8 January 1918 after the unit moved to France. The division served mainly in France and Belgium, providing security for Allied supply lines and leading American forces in the St. Mihiel and Meuse-Argonne Offensives. Following the end of World War I, the division remained in Europe for occupation duties until November 1919.

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Records of the 4th Infantry Division in Carson Barracks

The 4th Infantry Division’s history goes back more than a century and a half. It was first organized in 1867 as the U.S. Army’s first ever four-brigade division. After the Indian Wars ended, the division would undergo many changes and reorganizations over the years. It would briefly be renamed the 4th Division during World War I, before being reactivated in World War II as the 4th Infantry Division. The division would fight in all of the war’s major conflicts, including the Korean War and Vietnam War. It would also serve in the Cold War and the Gulf War.

The 4th Infantry Division Museum

The division’s main museum is found at Fort Carson, Colorado. This is where you can find the division’s history, artifacts and more than 500,000 items from the division’s history on display. There are also various interactive exhibits that allow you to learn more about the division’s past and its current mission. The museum is open daily, and it also offers a number of special events each year. These include the division’s annual reunion and Armed Forces Day ceremonies. The museum also has an online presence and an app so you can learn even more about the 4th Infantry Division’s rich history.

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Final Words

The 4th Infantry Division’s history is one full of war, triumph and triumph. The division has participated in many critical military actions throughout the years and has served as a cornerstone of the United States’ military might. It is truly a unique part of Colorado history. If you would like to learn more about this historic division and its rich past, the best place to start is at the division’s main museum in Fort Carson, Colorado.