The RV Smith can assist in creating the best Lithium Battery set up for your needs. Most new RVs come equipped with Lithium compatible chargers; if not, the charger will need to be updated to lithium compatible. Once we have the converter is installed the battery can be dropped in. To protect the batteries from being stolen due to their high demand and expense we like to install the batteries in storage compartments. This also helps with overall temperature control for the batteries.

In combination with an inverter, our installation method provides power to all inside and outside outlets. We complete the system with a one switch operation to allow for ease of use when turning on power to use coffee makers, hair dryer, TV’s, computer chargers, phone chargers, pellet smokers, microwaves, and air conditioning.

Our completed install allows for a true one switch operation with ZERO possibilities for operator error! We have taken the complexity out of living and camping off grid!

If you want to start the generator or plug into shore power the circuits will automatically switch to that dominant power source and when you turn off the generator or unplug, the inverter automatically switches back into use ensuring there is never a lapse in your use-able power!

Our installation method provides power to all inside and outside outlets. We provide one switch operation to easily use the coffee makers, hair dryers, TV’s, computer chargers, phone chargers, pellet smokers, microwave and air conditioner in a completely hands off automated system.


Why Lithium?


Travel with the confidence that you will have power day and night in your RV on your next adventure. Lithium batteries last 5 times longer then lead acid batteries, they are virtually maintenance-free, fast-charging and come with up to a 12 year warranty. 

With Lithium Batteries the options are endless. When Boon Docking there is a more complex need for power. Lithium battery banks can be discharged at a high amperage and can also be recharged at a high amperage; meaning they can be used with an inverter for camping without the need for shore power allowing you to virtually go anywhere!

Rv Inverter System Install

Our system installs include Solar, Inverter, and Battery Bank tailored to your needs.

Just looking for maintenance?

We can take care of all your RV maintenance and repairs in one place!