Solar  can be installed just with a small 200 amp panel to maintain batteries while in storage and a bit more juice while camping. Larger installs will provide power while boon docking to power inverters for the complete RV experience without running a generator. 

Solar, once installed is maintenance-free. The solar while exposed to the sun will be charging and maintaining your batteries leaving you to be worry free! We offer several different Solar Packages ranging from 200-1800 Watt Packages.

With the inclusion of Lithium Batteries and an Inverter going completely off-grid with your RV or camper can be accomplished with ease! 

Rv Solar Install

RV Solar Packages

200-600 Watt RV Solar Package

This package offers up to 600 Watts of solar energy for increased battery charging capabilities and Bluetooth monitoring to track your battery level, solar output, and power consumption. This is a great option for the more simple campers that still have moderate levels of power consumption while camping, and often camp where there are no hookups. It also solves the problem of maintaining the life of their batteries while in storage if the storage facility does not have plug in power available. Let us help you keep your batteries healthy and ensure your RV is camping ready as soon as you show up to use it! * We recommend at least 600 watts of solar if you plan to add an inverter to your RV or if you already have an inverter installed.*

800-1800 Watt RV Solar Package

This package offers 800-1800 Watts of solar power and is perfect for an RV that has an upgraded battery bank with a higher Amp Hour rating. With the included 800-1800 Watts of solar power in this kit, you will be able to run your 12V RV loads all day without hardly affecting your batteries storage at all.  Add an inverter to to this package and give yourself the added convenience of using all of your outlets and even your microwave without running the generator!

Want to go completely off- grid?

Let us tailor a full power install to your rig.