Is your RV ready for the season?

Warmer weather is coming! Adventure is calling! It is time to hit the road with your RV and explore great new places. Unless you are a full-time RV-er, this means bringing your rig out of storage and performing some general spring RV maintenance to ready your rig for the warmer seasons. 

RV De-Winterization must be performed to reverse the RV Winterizing process that was performed in the fall. A basic de-winterization includes flushing the RV antifreeze and pressure-checking the water. The RV Smith, offers several comprehensive spring maintenance plans to ensure your rig is ready to go when you are! 

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Spring RV Maintenance Specials

Tier 1 Spring Service

$ 190 + supplies
  • De-Winterization
  • Flush Anti-Freeze
  • Fire Up Appliances
  • Pressure Check Propane & H20
  • Visually Inspect Roof
  • Battery Voltage Check


$ 100 + supplies
  • Pressure Check H20
  • Flush Anti-Freeze

Tier 2 Spring Service(TT)

$ 325 + supplies
  • All Tier 1 Services
  • Wheel Bearing Service*

Tier 2 Spring Service (MH)

$ 285 + supplies
  • All Tier 1 Services
  • Slide Out Grease and Inspection

Tier 3 Spring Service (TT)

$ 550 + supplies
  • All Tier 2 Services
  • Roof Clean and UV Seal*

Tier 3 Spring Service (MH)

$ 515 + supplies
  • All Tier 2 Services
  • Roof Clean and UV Seal*

Roof Clean* Includes Roof Up to 25′. Roofs over 25′ – Ask about pricing. 

Wheel Bearing Service* Base Price Includes One Axle $130 + Parts Per Additional Axle

Slide Out Grease & Inspect* Includes One Slide Out. Additional $95 Per Slide Out. 

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