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The RV Smith: The Only RV Supply Store in Colorado That You’ll Ever Need

Rv Supply Store In Colorado - The Rv Smith
Rv Supply Store In Colorado – The Rv Smith

If you’re like most RVers, then you’re probably itching to get out on the open road this summer. But what if you could enjoy your RV experience just a little bit more this year? Maybe your RV needs more than just a tune-up before you hit the road; maybe it could use a few upgrades, too.  That’s where we can help. At The RV Smith, we’re basically your all-in-one RV supply store in Colorado. We offer premium upgrades, expert installations, and top-notch repairs when you need them most. At The RV Smith, we have everything that you need to keep your RV rolling year-round.

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Elevate Your Ride: Premium Installations and Upgrades

Let’s talk upgrades. Whether you’re a long-time RVer or a first-time adventurer, there are plenty of upgrades out there that you can appreciate. From performance upgrade to energy-savers, you’ll love optimizing your ride.

As your local, one-stop RV supply store in Colorado, we specialize in decking out your RV with the latest and greatest enhancements. All of our upgrades are designed to make life on the road smoother and more comfortable. Our upgrades and installations include:

  • Solar Panels: Say goodbye to reliance on RV parks and hello to off-grid adventures. Solar panels let you harness the power of the sun to keep your batteries charged and your devices humming.
  • Lithium Batteries: Lighter, more efficient, and longer-lasting than traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries are a game-changer for RV enthusiasts who crave reliable power on their journeys.
  • Power Installs: Need extra outlets for all your gadgets? The RV Smith has you covered. Whether it’s installing extra 120v sockets or beefing up your 12v system, we’ll make sure you have power wherever you roam.

Repairs Done Right: From A/C to Appliances

We’ve talked a lot about upgrades and enhancements. But what about when things go wrong? Don’t worry, our team has your back there, too. Our team of skilled technicians can tackle a wide range of repairs, and we can even order any parts that your rig needs. Our repair services include:

  • A/C Installation: Stay cool and comfortable, even on the hottest summer days, with a professionally installed air conditioning unit.
  • Awning Install & Service: Create your own shady oasis with a brand-new awning, expertly installed and maintained by The RV Smith crew.
  • Slide Services: Don’t let a malfunctioning slide-out cramp your style. The RV Smith can diagnose and fix any slide-related issues, ensuring smooth operation every time.
  • Hitch Install: Whether you’re towing a trailer or a boat, a properly installed hitch is essential for safe travels. We’ll handle the installation so you can hit the road with confidence.
  • Electrical & Batteries: From troubleshooting electrical issues to installing new batteries and converters, Our team of experts has the skills and know-how to keep your RV powered up and ready to roll.

Contact Your Local, One-Stop RV Supply Store in Colorado

When it comes to your RV, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. That’s why it pays to work with the best in the business. At The RV Smith, we’re proud to be Colorado’s one-stop RV supply store in Colorado. Our specialists can handle everything from upgrades and installations to repairs and maintenance. With years of experience under our belts, The RV Smith is your go-to source for all things RV-related.

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