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Top 6 RV Repair Questions and Answers

Your Most Common RV Repair Questions Answered by RV Experts


  • Here are 6 RV repair questions answered by professional RV technicians:
    1. Why is my RV air conditioner not cooling properly? It could be a dirty filter, refrigerant issues, or problems with the compressor.
    2. What’s the weird smell inside my RV? Odd smells can be because of things like mold, propane leaks, or even pests.
    3. Why does my RV battery keep draining? If you haven’t been leaving your lights on by accident, then you could have a faulty converter or an old battery.
    4. Why are my RV slides stuck? Slide-out issues can be because of electrical glitches caused by worn-out motors or hydraulics.
    5. How do I fix RV roof leaks? Temporary solutions include specialized tape or patches.
    6. How do I winterize my RV? Drain your water tanks, use antifreeze, and protect your pipes.


Top 6 Rv Repair Questions And Answers - The Rv Smith
Top 6 Rv Repair Questions And Answers – The Rv Smith

Love your RV? Then you probably use it a lot (as you should)! And with every well-used RV comes a variety of problems that can pop up at any time. From roof leaks to dead batteries, you’ll experience it all. But all of these problems come with strange and sometimes unlikely symptoms. Because of this, you’ll find yourself asking questions like, “why does my RV smell funny,” and “is it normal for the battery to drain this quickly?” That’s why we’ve put together this list of common RV repair questions. So, let’s dive right in!

Here are your most common RV repair questions answered by RV repair professionals!   


The Top 6 RV Repair Questions Answered:


Q: Why is My RV Air Conditioner Not Cooling Properly?

A: If your AC isn’t keeping things cool, it could be due to a dirty filter, refrigerant issues, or even problems with the compressor. Regular maintenance, like cleaning filters and checking for leaks, can prevent cooling hiccups.


Q: What’s that Weird Smell Inside My RV?

A: Odd smells can come from various sources, like mold, propane leaks, or even pests. First, eliminate any obvious issues like forgotten food. If the problem persists, it might be time for a professional inspection.


Q: Why Does My RV Battery Keep Draining for No Reason?

A: A drained battery can put a damper on your adventure. The culprit? Leaving lights or appliances on, a faulty converter, or even old batteries. Double-check your energy hogs, and if the issue continues, consult an RV expert.


Q: Why Are My RV Slides Stuck?

A: Slide-out issues can range from electrical glitches to worn-out motors or hydraulics. Before you panic, make sure your RV is level, as this can affect slide function. If that’s not the issue, it’s time to get a pro to take a look.


Q: How Do I Fix RV Roof Leaks?

A: Roof leaks are common and can result from worn seals, cracks, or even poor maintenance. A temporary fix involves sealing with specialized tape or patches. But for a long-term solution, a professional repair might be needed.


Q: How Do I Winterize My RV?

A: Winterizing your RV is essential to prevent freezing and costly damage. Steps include draining water tanks, adding antifreeze, and protecting pipes. If you’re unsure, consider consulting an RV service to ensure a thorough winterization process.


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