Your Trusty Trailer Maintenance Checklist

Trailer Maintenance Checklist - The Rv Smith

The Trailer Maintenance Checklist: The Ultimate Guide to Standard Travel Trailer Care KEY TAKEAWAYS: Here’s the only trailer maintenance checklist you’ll ever need: Tire Care: Regularly check tire pressure, inspect for wear and tear, and monitor tread depth. Wheel Bearings and Brakes: Grease wheel bearings every 12,000 miles or annually. Ensure brakes are in good […]

The Top 7 Types of Campers

7 Types Of Campers - The Rv Smith

The Wonderful World of Campers: 7 Types of Campers for Every Kind of Adventurer KEY TAKEAWAYS: Here are the top 7 types of campers: Classic Travel Trailer: Mini-homes on wheels, suitable for solo travelers, couples, or families, with all the comforts of home. Pop-Up Campers: Compact and easy to tow, expand into comfy living quarters, […]

The Top 6 Trailer Maintenance Tips

Top 6 Trailer Maintenance Tips - The Rv Smith

Keep Your Trailer Rolling Smoothly: Trailer Maintenance Tips for Adventurers KEY TAKEAWAYS: Here are the top trailer maintenance tips as told by trailer technicians: Check your tires regularly Keep your bearings lubricated Check your trailer lights before every trip Have your brakes inspected regularly Inspect your roof, windows, and seams for leaks Make sure your […]