Travel Trailer Upgrades in Colorado Springs, CO

Elevate Your Adventure: The RV Smith’s Travel Trailer Upgrades in Colorado Springs, CO

Travel Trailer Upgrades In Colorado Springs, Co - The Rv Smith
Travel Trailer Upgrades In Colorado Springs, Co – The Rv Smith

When you’re on the road, there’s nothing quite like the freedom and comfort of traveling in your own RV or travel trailer. But as time goes by, you might find yourself yearning for a bit more luxury, functionality, or style. That’s where The RV Smith comes in. With a commitment to enhancing your travel experience, we offer a range of travel trailer upgrades in Colorado Springs, CO. We’ll transform your beloved home on wheels into a haven of modern amenities and personalized comfort.

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Our Travel Trailer Upgrades in Colorado Springs, CO  


Lithium Batteries: Powering Your Journey with Efficiency 

Nothing can halt an adventure faster than a dead battery. At The RV Smith, we understand the importance of reliable power on the road That’s why we offer lithium battery upgrades for your travel trailer. Lithium batteries are renowned for their longevity, high energy density, and rapid charging capabilities. With our lithium battery upgrade, you’ll enjoy extended power for your appliances and devices, worry-free boondocking, and a longer lifespan for your power source.


Solar Panel Installation: Harnessing the Power of the Sun

Why rely solely on traditional power sources when you can tap into the abundant energy of the sun? Our solar panel installation service allows you to do just that. Our expert technicians will outfit your travel trailer with high-efficiency solar panels, enabling you to generate your electricity while basking in the great outdoors. Solar power not only reduces your reliance on generators but also provides an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for all your energy needs.


Power Installs: Convenience at Your Fingertips

Modern travel trailers offer an array of convenient features, from awnings and slide-outs to lighting and entertainment systems. We specialize in power installs, ensuring that your travel trailer is equipped with the necessary electrical components to make your journey comfortable and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to add new appliances or upgrade existing ones, our power install service has you covered.


Suspension and Axle Upgrades: Smoother Rides, Better Adventures

Rough roads and uneven terrain can take a toll on your travel trailer’s comfort and performance. Our suspension and axle upgrades are designed to enhance your trailer’s stability, reduce sway, and provide a smoother ride. Our expert technicians will assess your trailer’s specific needs and recommend the best suspension and axle upgrades to ensure a safer and more comfortable journey.


Disk Brake Upgrades: Stopping Power When You Need It

When it comes to safety on the road, reliable brakes are non-negotiable. At The RV Smith, we offer disk brake upgrades to replace your trailer’s outdated or less efficient braking system. Disk brakes provide superior stopping power, improved control, and reduced wear and tear on your trailer’s components. With our disk brake upgrade, you can navigate steep descents and sudden stops with confidence. 


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The RV Smith is proud to be the go-to place for travel trailer upgrades in Colorado Springs, CO.  Whether you’re looking for lithium batteries, solar panel installation, power upgrades, suspension and axle enhancements, or disk brake upgrades, The RV Smith has the expertise and dedication to transform your travel trailer into the ultimate adventure companion.

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